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We are moving our web services (cont.)

This is the continuation of a previous post. If you missed it, I recommend reading it first and then resume reading this post where I explain the new wiki for our users, the forum for news and announcements, and the new version of the booking software.

A wiki for our users

Until now the information relevant to users was scattered (some say hidden) throughout the pages at our website, and its management was affected by the technical limitations I already mentioned in my earlier post. In an attempt to improve the situation, less than two years ago we started a wiki site to evaluate the possibility of using a wiki to handle the amount of information we generate. Continue reading We are moving our web services (cont.)

We are moving our web services

We are relocating all our web services to a new server at http://sermn.uab.cat. At the same time we are upgrading the software or replacing it by better solutions when deemed advisable. While we are in the move, you can browse the old SeRMN website at http://sermn.uab.cat/rmn3.

Funny moving houseFor the last few years we have managed several web services hosted at different servers. The SeRMN web page was at http://rmn3.uab.cat, the instrument booking was at https://sermn02.uab.cat/bumblebee, and there were two mail lists for news and notices to P.I. (i-sermn@sermn02.uab.cat) and users (u-sermn@sermn02.uab.cat). Then we added recently a wiki site at https://sermn02.uab.cat/sermn-dokuwiki to test whether it could be useful. It was clear that such multi-site situation had to come to an end the sooner the better, and now we are hard at work to make things much simpler.

Continue reading We are moving our web services