HPLC-DAD-(SPE)-NMR/MS I: all in one technique for the analysis of mixtures

The combination of liquid chromatography with three complementary detection techniques – NMR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and Diode Array Detection, provides highly rich information in a one-shot analysis.

The possibility of a post-chromatography storage /concentration of the chromatographic peaks of interest, using a SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) system, together with the use of cool probes,  increases the sensitivity of the NMR detection.

There are different modes of work: Flow- NMR, Stop-Flow and SPE-storage, being one or another most adequate depending on the scientific problem (see HPLC-DAD-(SPE)-NMR/MS II: fundamentals and working modes).

The fields of application are very broad, including food chemistry, natural products analysis, elucidation of impurities, characterisation of metabolites and xenobiotics, etc.

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