HPLC-DAD-(SPE)-NMR/MS II: fundamentals and working modes

This hyphenated technique combines HPLC with three complementary detection techniques – NMR Spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry and Diode Array Detection. It is a highly rich information source, which can be obtained by one-shot analysis.

There are three different modes of work: Flow-NMR, Stop-Flow and SPE-storage; and depending on the scientific problem one or another will be the most adequate. The fundamentals of the technique / working modes are shown in the figure.

The possibility of a post-chromatography storage/concentration of the peaks of interest of the chromatogram, using a SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) system, together with the use of cool probes, increases the sensitivity of the NMR detection, making possible the acquisition of 2D NMR experiments and work with heteronuclei.

See also HPLC-DAD-(SPE)-NMR/MS I: all in one technique for the analysis of mixture