Welcome to the SeRMN blog!

This is the first post in our new blog, a web place where we plan to publicize the research done at the SeRMN, as well as to report the features and capabilities of the scientific equipment available at our facility. Additionally, we intend to explain how to make the best use of the nmr technique in multiple research fields by providing practical insights about the nmr methodologies and techniques available at the SeRMN.

Posts will be open to comments, indeed, we will appreciate your feedback and will certainly take into account your opinion to improve our service.

The Servei de Ressonància Magnètica Nuclear (SeRMN) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is a research support facility encompassing the amenities, the equipment, and the economic, managerial and human resources needed for the acquisition and processing of NMR spectra and images.

The SeRMN is available to researchers from UAB and from other universities and non-profit research institutions, as well as to scientists from private research enterprises.