J-selHSQMBC: Simultaneous measurement of JHH and two different nJCH using IPAP, J-resolved and E.COSY principles

cover_MRC“Simultaneous measurement of J(HH) and two different nJ(CH) coupling constants from a single multiply-edited 2D cross-peak”, by Josep Saurí and Teodor ParellaMagn. Reson. Chem. 201351, 397-402. DOI: 10.1002/mrc.3960

Three different J-editing methods (IPAP, E.COSY and J-resolved) are implemented in a single NMR experiment to provide spin-state-edited 2D cross-peaks from which simultaneous measurement of different homonuclear and heteronuclear coupling constants can be performed. A new J-selHSQMBC-IPAP experiment is proposed for the independent measurement of two different nJ(CH) coupling constants along the F2 and F1 dimensions of the same 2D cross-peak. In addition, the E.COSY pattern provides additional information about the magnitude and relative sign between J(HH) and nJ(CH) coupling constants.

Graphical abstract

Pulse Program Code for Bruker: J-selHSQMBC