A New Polarizing Agent for Dissolution-DNP


“A Benzyl Alcohol Derivative of BDPA Radical for Fast Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR Spectroscopy” by José Luis Muñoz Gómez, Eva Monteagudo, Vega Lloveras, Teodor Parella, Jaume Veciana and José Vidal Gancedo. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015, 13:2689-2693. DOI: 10.1039/C4OB02356K


The synthesis, structural characterization and the successful application of a carbon centered radical derived from 1,3-bisdiphenylene-2-phenylallyl (BDPA), its benzyl alcohol derivative (BA-BDPA), as a polarizing agent for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) are described. The reported BA-BDPA radical meets all the requirements to become a promising candidate for its use in in-vivo DNP-NMR experiments: it is soluble into neat [1-13C]pyruvic acid, insoluble in the dissolution transfer solvent and effective as a polarizing agent in fast dissolution DNP-NMR applications, without the need of using glassing agents. Moreover, it enables a simple but effective in-line radical filtration to obtain hyperpolarized solutions of [1-13C]pyruvic acid free of radicals, that offer a much better polarization performance.