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Chemistry Department award to Kumar Motiram PhD thesis

Congratulations Kumar!

Our former PhD student Kumar Motiram has been awarded an extraordinary prize by the Department of Chemistry for his PhD thesis entitled “Advances in NMR spectroscopic methodology and applications: time-efficient methods, ultra long-range heteronuclear correlation experiments and enantiospecific analysis of complex mixtures” that he defended on October 2021.

The Doctoral Commission, meeting on 20 June 2023, has awarded the extraordinary prize for theses of the doctoral programme in Chemistry defended during the academic year 2021-22… (News from the Department of Chemistry, UAB).

His thesis goals were i) the development of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) experiments focused on efficiency in terms of time the ii) establishing new pulse sequences that facilitate the study of long-distance coupling constants fundamental for structural elucidation, iii) the development of a reliable method that allows the differentiated analysis of enantiomers (enantiospecific) directly from its original mixture (in situ) and from multiple molecules simultaneously (multicomponent).

Kumar’s PhD thesis is available in open-access mode from the TDX repository.

Laura Castañar receives award at ENC 2015

Laura CastañarAward to Laura Castañar at the 56th ENC held in Asilomar from 19th to 24th April 2015. was honoured at the 56th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC) with the Ritchey Travel Award for her Ph.D. Thesis research on “Development and application of modern pure shift NMR techniques and improved HSQC/HSQMBC experiments”The award ceremony took place at the After-Dinner Program in Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California, USA, the 23th April, 2015.
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Lilly Research Award to Laura Castañar

Laura Castañar is top finalist to the Lilly XII Research Awards for Graduate Students. The prize is awarded to ten Spanish young scientists, three awardees and seven finalists, for their research contributions in the field of chemistry. The awards ceremony took place at Lilly Research & Development Centre in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain, the 26th September, 2014. Continue reading Lilly Research Award to Laura Castañar