Presentations to the Ibero-American NMR & GERMN Bienal & Iberian NMR joint meeting

Next week several SeRMN members will present our research work at the IV Ibero-American NMR – VI GERMN Bienal – III Iberian NMR joint meeting that will take place in Aveiro (Portugal) from 25th to 28th September. Find below a summary of our contributions.

  • Teodor Parella presents a Keynote Lecture entitled “Measurement of the Sign and the Magnitude of Small Heteronuclear Coupling Constants”. A new and general NMR approach for the accurate determination of the sign and the magnitude of small heteronuclear coupling constants is described. The design of a suite of new HSQMBC-related experiments that incorporates the IPAP methodology provides a more user-friendly approach than those currently available to measure these parameters. The proposed methods allow its general application of a great variety of situations and examples that allow the simultaneous measurement of multiple coupling values are also presented.
  • Míriam Pérez-Trujillo presents an Oral Communication entitled “Chiral Metabonomics: 1H NMR-Based Enantiospecific Differentiation of Metabolites in Human Urine”. A new dimension in the Metabonomics field which considers the chirality of metabolites is presented. The importance of the stereospecificity in biological processes and the chiral nature of most of metabolites is not contemplated in current metabonomic studies. At present, no analytical tools exist that allow obtaining metabolic profiles enantiospecific to a target metabolite or to a group or family of them. Here we introduce the concept of Chiral Metabonomics, the enantiospecific analytical tool of CSA-1HNMR for obtaining enantiospecific metabolic profiles, and the potential of the field and technique.
  • Laura Castañar presents a Poster entitled “NMR Methods to Measure Residual Long-Range Proton-Carbon Dipolar Couplings in Aligned Anisotropic Media”. The poster focuses on the measurement of Residual Dipolar Couplings (RDCs) which are used in the structure determination of small and medium-sized organic compounds. Several new HSQMBC pulse schemes for measuring accurate heteronuclear long-range coupling constants (nJCH; n >1) in solution conditions have recently been designed in our lab. In this work we evaluate some of these NMR methods to measure both the sign and the magnitude of long-range proton-carbon RDCs in a small molecule dissolved in a PMMA/CDCl3 oriented media.
  • Josep Saurí presents a Poster entitled “P.E.HSQMBC: Simultaneous Measurement of Proton-Proton and Proton-Carbon Coupling Constants“. The poster focuses on a long-range 1H-13C correlation experiment in which the large heteronuclear 1JCH coupling constant is employed to separate two multiplet patterns along the indirect F1 dimension while homonuclear HH couplings can be accurately measured from their relative E.COSY displacements in the detected F2 dimension. (Accepted article, DOI: here)

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  1. Mi querido,
    Todas mis felicitaciones por tu premio! Creo que es el resultado de todo tu trabajo y de tu equipo! Me alegra mucho porque se por donde empezaste y por donde pasaste! Solo me da una pena de no poder verte mas a menudo pero tu sabes como es la vida!
    Manda muchos abrazos para Miquel de mi parte! hace también muchos años que no lo veo pero siempre tengo buen recuerdos cariñosos con ustedes dos! también un abrazo para Pau!
    Espero que nos veamos quizás mas en el futuro que sea a través de meetings de RMN pero es un poco nuestra pasión a los dos y a todos!
    Cuando por google, se busca “teo RMN” apareces como primero!
    Bueno, solo queria decirte que te quiero hermanito pequeño de 1 año menos!
    Un Abrazo grande!

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